​Sheri's story


Since starting neurofeedback therapy with Dr. Craig and Dr. Kim my child, 

Wesley, has become more focused in school and much less aggressive. This therapy has helped me establish a better relationship with my son. This therapy is amazing and I thank Dr. Craig and Dr. Kim for bringing it to this area. I encourage any parent with a child who suffers from any kind of behavior problem to consider giving this treatment a try.

Tracy and Joe D.

   The ADHD, Anxiety, Sleep Center of the Carolinas

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Sleep disorder/Insomnia

Neurofeedback has changed my life! sleepless nights and anxiety have been a part of my every day life

for years. After a few short months of neurofeedback, I no longer take any prescription drugs for sleeping or anxiety. It's a true miracle! 

My anxiety has decreased dramatically. I feel far more relaxed and better equipped to cope with every day stress. I am overall happier. I now fall asleep within minutes. No more tossing and turning all night. I never knew what I was missing. I feel great!

This treatment works! It has improved my life both mentally and physically. And it is so easy! Thank you so much for offering neurofeedback. It will definitely help many patients for many years to come!

Sheri H. 

​Wesley's story

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