My daughters, Amanda and Christa, have both blossomed socially, physically and emotionally from EEG Neurofeedback.


Due to an unbelievable, traumatic experience Amanda would have never been willing to compete in a beauty pageant before she started neurofeedback. She was confident and able to speak to the audience. She has also seen great improvement in her reading comprehension, math skills, focus, concentration and ability to complete tasks. She is now making A's in math!


Christa developed autistic like symptoms at 3 years old. Her speech was limited to 1 or 2 words at a time, she was easily aggravated, deficient and also had seizures. Since receiving EEG Neurofeedback her speech has improved. She is now saying complete sentences and has become calm and compliant. She is a true joy to be around. Her speech and occupational therapists are amazed at her progress. The neurologist has reduced her seizure medicine because her seizure activity has stopped! Her neurologist even wrote a prescription that says "keep doing neurofeedback!" 

​Teri S.

What do all of these photos have in common?
They may be spread across 8 years, but in every single one of these photos I was struggling with anxiety. Some time during the day/night surrounding these photos I had massive panic attacks, but you would never know.
Maybe 1% of the people I know know this, but since my senior year of high school panic, anxiety, and depression have become a major part of my life. So much so, that I almost wrapped my identity around it. I thought I would always be the anxious girl, the one who bailed on events because she couldn't handle it, the one who freaked out on trips and was ready to go home as soon as she got there, the one who missed her own formal in college, the one who couldn't go on dates without freaking out and wanting to leave, and more.
I have so many stories. So many times that anxiety has controlled me and my life. I've been on medication for 7 years, participated in every therapy program you can name, and prayed and begged for it to go away. The depression has been so bad because I just wanted my anxiety to go away. I would cry because I felt like I could not live the rest of my life this way. I would wonder how I could ever live if this was all I had to look forward to.
Most people thought I had it together. I was making A's, participating in everything under the sun, and on the outside it looked like I was thriving. Nobody knew my struggle. My anxiety isolated me from friendships, relationships, and good times with the people I loved.
I had a psychiatrist recommend neurofeedback when I was in college and I was afraid to do it. The concept of monitoring and changing brain waves just gave me more anxiety. Luckily, Kim Ehlich-McDowell never gave up on trying to help me. She tried several times to get me to do neurofeedback, and eventually I was so desperate that the fear of the unknown was outweighed by just wanting the anxiety to go away.
As I finish my course of neurofeedback, I am grateful that every time I prayed and every time I asked for healing that God was working. He tried several times to direct me to neurofeedback and I didn't listen, but He didn't give up and neither did Dr. Kim.
I am not my anxiety anymore. I wish I could stress enough how much this has saved me. I wish I could express how I don't struggle with panic attacks anymore. I wish I could explain how I made it through a really stressful period with no anxiety. I just want everyone to know that neurofeedback works. Someone out there might be looking for an answer, some kind of hope. I was out of hope, I had hit rock bottom, and I was so worried neurofeedback wouldn't work and it would just be another disappointment in my list of attempts to fix myself.
If you've stayed and read this long- know that there's hope, and maybe try neurofeedback, because it saved my life.

An Educator speaks about ADD/ADHD


Beauty Queen and Attorney no longer suffers with panic attacks, anxiety or depression

​Help for Anxiety

I began Neurofeedback to improve my attention. Did it work? Absolutely!! My story is probably similar to yours or someone you know. All my life I remember either being a conscious thinker or being lost in thought. I would make A's, then the next period make C's. I always had to remember to remember. It was hard to make my brain remember to remember and I was constantly in a tizzy. Now, after Neurofeedback, I take no prescription medication at all. My fellow teachers tell me that nothing gets by me now and that I am sharp as a tack. The change in me is unbelievable! As an educator I have witnessed students struggle with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities. Neurofeedback has given my hope for these children. Why use dangerous medication when you can do Neurofeedback that has no side effects and yields permanent results? Neurofeedback works!!

Neurofeedback has really helped my anxiety. I struggled with worry, fear and truly had no peace. My MD prescribed anxiety medicine and blood pressure medicine. It was so hard for me to  live with my constant turmoil and never feeling at rest or peace. I was overloaded or overwhelmed you could say. Fast forward to the present, after 63 Neurofeedback sessions I take no prescriptions medication at all! My family is so please with my results and so am I!

Amanda and Christa's stories

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